Why does the connection of my smartLAB combo to an App or other receiving device not work?

  1. Please check, if the Bluetooth or ANT connection on your receiving device and App are activitated
  2. When using a bike computer: Please check, if the device support wireless data transmission with ANT+ or Bluetooth Smart
  3. The smartLAB combo sync function will automatically deactivate when no receiving device is within range. To activate the data transfer please rotate either the rear wheel or pedal. The smartLAB combo will now be activated for one minute. During this time the sensors will try to connect to a receiving device. If after 1 minute no connection was established, the smartLAB combo will go back to stand-by mode.
  4. Please check the distance range between the sensors and the receiving device. The receiving device should be in range of 2 meters to the sensor.
  5. Please check, if the battery is inserted correctly. Exchange the battery, if necessary.
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