smartLAB profi +: How can I tranfer the data of my smartLAB profi+ to the hLine App?

The smartLAB profi+ has an integrated ANT Wireless module with which data can be transferred to the hLine App through a corresponding receiving device.

ANT supported by Samsung and Sony mobile devices

ANT is supported by Samsung an Sony mobile devices from Android Version 4.3.
Additionally, data can be transmitted to the PC through the hLine ANT USB Adapter. To document your data through your PC, a registration on and the installation of the hLine Gateway Software is required.

Data transfer to other Android mobile devices possible

It is also possible to transfer the data to other Android mobile devices, which do not support ANT. For this, the hLine ANT USB Adapter and an OTG USB micro-B data cable for Smartphones and Tabelts is required. Additionally you need to download ANT Radio Services and ANT USB Services from Google Play Store.

ANT not supported by iOS

ANT is not supported by iOS, which is why it is not possible to use the hLine App with an ANT smartLAB device.

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