Notes on using the smartLABscale and smartLABscale W.

You must always select the user, which you have selected in the app. Mostly it is P1. This can be done by pressing firmly on the scales. Then appears P1 to P8 at 1 second intervals. If you want to select the desired user number, tap briefly on the scale. Then, this user ID will be flashing. Then wait until the display shows "0" appears. Now you can put on the scales.

If you see here a different value such as "0", wait until the scale has the value "0". This is because, if the balance is shifted, while the own weight noticed.
The scale remembers your weight with a deviation of + - 3kg. This means the next time you stand on the scale, without first having the user selected, the balance will automatically recognize your User ID. If several users have the same weight, the scale gives you the choice of which users you want to select. Tap short on the scale to select the desired user.

If you use the smartLABscale W scale in conjunction with a HMM app or system the following functions are added to it:
1- When the scale is finished with the measurement, the scale beeps a long tone. This gives the signal that you can descend from the scale.
2- Scale attempts to transmit the data.
3- If the data transfer was successful, the scale is 3 short beeps.
4- If the data transmission have not been successful, the scale 2 is long tones. This may therefore come that the receiving device is not ready or is not in the environment itself. The values are stored and transferred with the next measurement.
5- Scale attempts repeatedly to synchronize with the receiver. If stored values are displayed, are then transferred.
The tones can be switched on and off in the profile of the app.

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