How can I send my data measured with the scale via my garmin device to garmin connect?

Before first use:

- Connect your Garmin device with the Garmin Connect App (if not already happend). Download the smartLAB scale App from Connect IQ

- Connect the fitmefit move App through the system connections of the App to your Garmin Connect by entering your profile data

Measuring your weight and transfering the data:

- Open the smartLAB scale App on your Garmin fitness device and start measuring your weight with the smartLAB scale. The data will be saved on your Garmin Fitness Tracker and kann be transferred now or at a later date.

- To transfer the data to your mobile device, first open the fitmefit move App on your mobile phone, then the smartLAB scale App on your Garmin device. The data transmission will follow automatically as soon as both apps are open.

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