smartLAB pressure W: Connecting the device to the App

Perform the following process to properly pair the smartLAB pressure W to the app. If the connection was made manually, no data transfer can take place.

Proceed as follows:

  • Download the hLine app from the Google Play Store or Apple Store
  • Start the app and set all important profile data
  • Now take the smartLAB pressure W. It is important that it is switched off
  • Press the start button for a long time. The Bluetooth sign starts to flash. Make sure the app is activ and running in front during pairing.
  • The serial number will be displayed on the screen. Add the serial number
  • Done appears on the display of the smartLAB pressure W as soon as the pairing is successful.
  • The device is set up by the app with date and time, as well as other profile data
    You can start!

Important: If the serial number accidentally was not added to the scan, we recommend restarting the app and running the process again. Because once the serial number has been rejected, it will no longer be recognized, even if it was entered manually.

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